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Maila deserves a big raise, or in real estate terms, a larger commission split for all transactions going forward! Or at the very least, a huge bonus! She exceeded my expectations of a real estate agent by a hundred fold! She was amazing! She worked so hard and took control of everything so I didn't have to worry about anything. I am overseas working as a civilian for the US Army and Maila handled every detail for me. I was afraid I would have to fly home during the pandemic to sell my house, but Maila assured me that I could do everything remotely. Maila took care of everything and kept me abreast of all the details every step of the way. Maila made this as stress free as it possibly could be. She is so friendly, professional, polite, kind, and you can tell she has a big heart and passion to help people. But don't let that friendly demeanor fool you, she was a bulldog when it came to negotiating with the buyers agent, and did not stop till she got the job done and the deal closed. I am so thankful that I had her representing me as a seller. Maila closed the transaction at $50K over asking price. She is a lifesaver for me and my entire family. Her dedication to her clients and her work ethic by far exceeds anyone I've ever worked with. Your company should be so proud of her and should feel so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing agent working on their team. Mahalo Maila, you are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Laura Siebeneck
Maila was everything anyone could ever want and more in an agent. Buying a house is confusing, stressful, and scary. I warned Maila that I was going to need a lot of hand holding thru the process because I was extremely ignorant to what is expected, needed, and suggested. I've had experiences before where I was just forwarded emails and I didn't know what they meant and felt extremely alone in the process and fearful of what I was signing or getting into. Maila not only was available at my every call, text, and email, but she went into great detail explaining every single form, document, and situation to me and gave personal examples that made everything make sense. Doing that gave me sooo much comfort and confidence in our purchase that I actually ENJOYED buying our home. That should tell you just how amazing Maila was. I suffer from diagnosed anxiety and depression so for Maila to be able to turn one of THE MOST anxiety inducing things in the world into something I could handle and appreciate speaks volumes. I cannot say enough about how great Maila was. To me, she is the standard for how ALL realtors should be.
Nolan Hong
Maila was awesome in helping us to sell our home! She listened to our needs and guided us through everything and kept us on track. She has a way of talking to people so that they understand the needs and don't get insulted or mad. We didn't have to worry about missing deadlines because Maila would always ensure that everything was taken care of--customer service at its finest!!
Shirley Okamoto
Maila is your "go to" realtor. Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, supportive, and wonderful to work with. She keeps you in the loop at all times, and answers your questions , making sure you are correctly informed on all matters. She has a bubbly personality that will put you at ease and make sure you are comfortable on all levels. I highly recommend her for all of your real estate needs
Linda Yoshiyama