Enchanted Lake, Kailua: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Enchanted Lake, Kailua: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

If you've been searching for your next home in Kailua, you've likely come across the incredible community of Enchanted Lake. Located on the Windward side of Oahu, this family-friendly community has garnered a lot of attention for being one of the best beach communities on the island. The highly-desired location has plenty of perks and a competitive real estate market. Living in Enchanted Lake is like owning your very own personal slice of paradise.

About Enchanted Lake

The community of Enchanted Lake is named after the inland lake that is privately owned within the neighborhood. It's one of the largest bodies of water on the island, and it spans around 80 acres. It used to be called the Kaelepulu pond and was a popular fishing spot. In the 1960s, the development of the Enchanted Lake Estates began and is the starting point for the community we know and love today. The current community encompasses the lake and the canal leading to Kailua Bay and borders the Mid-Pacific Country Club Golf Course. It's not recommended for swimming through, but you can take the canal into the ocean on a small watercraft.

Golfing in Enchanted Lake, Kailua

Kailua is among the most desirable communities on the island, so properties around town are in high demand with plenty of competition. Enchanted Lake has a leg up because the variety of home styles makes it unique compared to other areas. It's not a luxury community or pretentious; instead, it's a friendly and welcoming neighborhood on the water. There's something for everyone in Enchanted Lake.


The Enchanted Lake community is just minutes from the Kailua city center. Kailua is a city on Oahu, not to be confused with Kailua-Kona on the big island, located on the island's eastern side. Kailua is about 25 minutes from Honolulu and 30 minutes from Waikiki. Frequent fliers are only about 25 minutes away from the Honolulu Airport as well.


The island's Windward side stays true to its name, and it has a lot of wind. However, this can be fantastic during the scorching hot days Hawaii sees and can act as a cooling, natural air conditioner. This side of the island has lower temperatures than other areas and sees a bit more rainfall. You can expect an average temperature of about 80? and the region sees about 65 inches of rain per year. Kailua is especially beautiful in the summer when it's a bit cooler, and the rain disappears.


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With all the amenities you could ever want at your fingertips, residents are just a short walk from the city center, beaches, and parks. The area is served by some of the best public and private schools in the city. Life in Enchanted Lake is easy. With everyday conveniences, entertainment, and world-class shopping just minutes away, you never have to go far from home to get what you need. The pedestrian-friendly community is easy to navigate and very safe. In Kailua's city center, you'll find some of the best restaurants on the island, grocery stores, the Kailua Farmer's Market, shopping centers, and other essentials. The location of Enchanted Lake makes it very convenient and popular among interested homebuyers.

Enchanted Lake Activities

Enchanted Lake is all about outdoor recreation and community. Reap the benefits of waterfront property with kayaking or boating whenever you like, or head into the ocean through the canal. While you can fish in the lake, it's recommended that you don't eat the fish caught due to the amount of pollutants in the water. Nearby Enchanted Lake is some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With white velvet sand, you'll want to spend every day soaking up the sun, breathing in the saltwater air, and splashing around in crystal blue waters.

Kayaking in Enchanted Lake, Kailua

If you love to admire wildlife, Enchanted Lake has an impressive population. The Kaelepulu Wetlands are next door, and you can see plenty of fish, crabs, oysters, birds, turtles, and so much more.

During the holidays, the Enchanted Lake Residents Association hosts a Christmas Light-covered boat parade on the lake, and it's one of the residents' favorite festivities. You'll also be able to watch fireworks over the water on the 4th of July from the Kaelepulu Stream.

Things to Do in Kailua

Beyond Enchanted Lake, there's plenty to do within minutes from home. Regardless of the lifestyle that you're looking to lead, there's something for everyone in this charming beach town. Of course, there are plenty of water sports and activities. Beach activities are a given when you live in paradise, and spending time on the beach and in the water is something that people tend to move to Hawaii for. You'll find some of the best beaches in the world here, and they're great for surfing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, and lots of other water sports. A friendly tip: Kailua Beach Park and Kalama Beach Park has the best parking. Otherwise, you can get to many beaches on foot.

Snorkeling in Kailua, HI

If you love to explore the great outdoors, you've picked the perfect place to explore. The island's beauty is unbelievable, and you can see some breathtaking views along the Lanikai Pillbox hike. You'll admire the mountain range, endless ocean, and Mokulua Twin Islands. Another fantastic hike that offers the exact opposite is the Maunawili Falls. You'll wander through a jungle-type terrain where you'll reach an incredible waterfall and watering hole. If you're prone to mosquito bites, you'll want to bring some bug spray.

Golf-lovers can try their hand at the Mid Pacific Country Club or Royal Hawaiian Golf Club. With the beauty of Hawaii as the backdrop, you can beat a round of golf in the sunshine.

As one of the top-rated and raved-about experiences in Kailua, the Farmer's Market is a must-see experience. Everything Thursday, join the entire community to grab some local goods, the freshest fruits and veggies, and some delicious street foods.

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In parts of the world where tourism is a significant industry, you'll have some undeniably good food options. Especially in recent years, where Kailua has seen increased popularity, the dining options have become top-notch. For residents, that means they get some of the best cuisines around. Some of the top restaurants in Kailua include:

Over Easy. The top-rated restaurant on TripAdvisor lives up to its impeccable reputation. The food is served up quickly, it's fresh, and the portions are generous. Residents rave about this spot.

Cinnamon's. If you love breakfast, you'll love Cinnamon's. With every variety of pancakes you can imagine, you'll need to check out this spot.

Kalapawai Cafe & Deli. Considered one of the top restaurants in Kailua on TripAdvisor, this spot is considered a true hidden gem. Grab a delicious latte or avocado toast and hit the beach afterward. This family-owned and operated spot is a pillar in the community and a great overall experience.

Maui Brewing Company. If you're a fan of craft brews, you'll want to check out the Maui Brewing Company. Not only do they have a line of excellent craft beer, but they also offer a great experience, live music, Happy Hour specials, and some excellent food.

Nalu Health Bar & Cafe. With some of the most delicious and fresh healthy eats, Nalu is home to great smoothies, sandwiches, coffee, and acai bowls.

Boots & Kimo's. Another incredible brunch spot, you'll want to get here early to beat the rush and get their famous Banana Mac-Nut pancakes.

Avocado Toast at Kalapawai Cafe & Deli

Real Estate

Enchanted Lake homes are eclectic and diverse, and it's one of the reasons why the neighborhood is so popular. The community features plenty of single-family homes, but you'll also find luxury homes on the waterfront and beautiful homes up the hill with incredible views. The lots are oversized and perfect for families or those looking for a little more space. The majority of the homes in the community were constructed in the 1960s. Many properties have been renovated to include modern and beautiful features, including spas and pools.  These beautiful properties boast oversized lots, up to five bedrooms and four bath rooms. The Enchanted Lake Residents Association has an annual fee for homes on the waterfront.

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