Moving to Ewa Beach? The Ultimate Guide to Ewa Beach Lifestyle, Restaurants, & Real Estate

Living in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Once a small plantation town covered with endless fields of sugar cane, has more recently become the answer to ‘Oahu’s housing shortage problem. Over the last few decades, the need for affordable housing on Oahu has grown at a rapid pace. Since production of sugar cane has long since moved overseas, developers have taken advantage of the flat, open space in Ewa Beach (sometimes referred to as the Ewa Plains) to build much-needed homes. Per, between 2010 and 2016, more than 6,000 homes were built in Ewa Beach and it's expected that 31,000 more units will be built over the next 20 years or so. That’s a lot of homes!

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Ewa Beach is now a sprawling suburb of Honolulu, making it a desirable place for young families to live. It is one of the only communities on where you can find new homes in Oahu for a reasonable price by Hawai’i’s standards. Single-family homes in the area come with 3-4 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms. Many homes also provide the sought after amenity of having an enclosed garage, which many older homes don’t have. The newer communities boast flat, wide sidewalks, perfect for walking your dog, jogging, or riding your bike. 

If you're in the military and moving to Hawaii, Ewa Beach will likely hit your radar as one of the most popular neighborhoos for military personnel, especially if you're going to be stationed at Schofield Barracks Army Base Hawaii. The suburban feel of the community, newer construction, and the proximity to Schofield and Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam make for most of the appeal. Check out our PCS to Hawaii Guide to learn about Hawaii BAH and COLA, as well as the different Oahu Military Housing opportunities and PCS Guides.

Where is Ewa Beach Located?

If you're unfamiliar with Hawaii, you may be wondering what island is Ewa Beach on? While Ewa Beach, HI is part of County of Honolulu, you'll find it located in the southwest corner of the island of ‘Oahu. You will often hear the warm, dry side of the island where Ewa Beach is located referred to as the Leeward side. To the west is Kapolei, Oahu’s second city, which offers an exciting array of shops and restaurants a short 15 minute drive away. Pearl Harbor is directly to the east and Schofield Barracks is a lovely 25 minute drive north through the agricultural fields of Kunia. The Daniel K. Inouye International Airport is 17 miles to the east of Ewa Beach, about a 25 minute drive with perfect traffic conditions.

How Far is Ewa Beach from Honolulu?

Downtown Honolulu is 20 miles to the east of Ewa Beach. If you take the H-1 freeway during off-peak hours, it will take you about 35 minutes to reach the downtown area. If you’re attempting to get there during morning rush hour however, the commute can be frustrating and can take you anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, so try to avoid peak hours if you can.

What is the Weather Like in Ewa Beach?

Being on the leeward side of the island, Ewa Beach doesn’t receive as much of Hawaii's notorious tradewinds; the island's natural air conditioning system. It definitely doesn't receive the often light splashes of rain like the Windward side does. Ewa Beach weather is hot, dry, and ideal those for those who love sunshine! You’ll experience temperatures consistently in the eighties all year round. During the summer months, your electricity bill will skyrocket as high temperatures creep toward 90 degrees. I personally love the winter months which bring more rain and slightly lower temperatures, sometimes even into the lower sixties in the early morning hours.

Things to do in Ewa Beach

There is no shortage of things to do in Ewa Beach. Whether you’re looking for something to do with your kids, or planning a weekend outing with friends, you can find something for everyone right in the neighborhood.

  • White Plains Beach | When you’re itching to get into the ocean, head to White Plains Beach. This beach is perfect for family get togethers, learning to surf, or working on your tan. It also has a beautiful view of the coastline all the way to Diamond Head. Go early to avoid traffic jams and to get the perfect BBQ spot!

  • Golfing | Golfing is a popular pastime in Hawai’i, and with more than half a dozen golf courses to choose from, Ewa Beach is one of the best places on the island to get your fix. Book a tee time at the immaculate Hawaii Prince Golf Club,the award-winning Ewa Beach Golf Club, or Hoakalai Country Club.

  • Train rides | Let the Hawaiian Railway Society teach you about the area’s history in the sugar business while enjoying a 90 minute train ride from Ewa Beach to Kahe Point and back. On afternoon rides, the train makes a stop in Ko Olina at Two Scoops Ice Cream so you can buy yourself a refreshing treat.

  • Ka Makana Ali’i Mall | Sandwiched between Ewa Beach and Kapolei, Ka Makana Ali’i is ‘Oahu’s newest retail mall. You can find stores like H&M, Old Navy, Macy’s, and Bath and Body Works. The mall also has some amazing restaurants to choose from so you won’t go hungry during your longer shopping excursions.

Shopping in Ewa Beach

If you’re just shopping for the essentials, the handful of shopping centers in Ewa Beach make it possible for you to get everything you need without leaving the area. Everything is close together and all of the shopping centers have ample parking to make shopping easy and convenient.

Grocery and Drug Stores 

Foodland | 91-1401 Fort Weaver Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | This local supermarket chain is located in the Ewa Town Center and is a great place to pick up fresh produce and Hawaiian specialities. It’s also known for its tasty selection of poke (raw fish).

Safeway | 91-1119 Keaunui Drive, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | Safeway is the largest supermarket in Ewa Beach and is located in the Laulani Village Shopping Center. It sells both brand-name and house-label groceries, and also has a deli counter where you can order hot food as well as a bakery.

Longs Drug Stores | 91-919 Fort Weaver Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 and 91-1401 Fort Weaver Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | Longs Drug Stores has two locations in Ewa Beach, one in the Ewa Beach Shopping Center and one in the Ewa Town Center. This is the perfect place to buy all of your basics while picking up your prescription.

Walgreens | 91-1081 Keaunui Drive, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | Conveniently located in the Laulani Village Shopping Center, Walgreens provides health-related items as well as a drive-through pharmacy to pick up your medications.

Pet Stores

Petco | 91-1065 Keaunui Drive, Suite F, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | This large chain pet store in the Laulani Village Shopping Center offers pet food and supplies, as well as services like training classes and grooming. They often have pet adoption events in the store as well.

The Pet Depot | 91-919 Fort Weaver Road, #109, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | This family-run pet store in the Ewa Beach Shopping Center offers more than just food and pet supplies, they also offer grooming services and The Dirty Dog Garage, a self-serve dog wash.

Hardware Stores

City Mill | 91-1061 Keaunui Drive, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | Whether you’re looking for tools, paint, or plants for your yard, City Mill in the Laulani Village Shopping Center has everything you need to keep your home well-maintained and organized.

Other Hardware Stores in the Vicinity | If City Mill doesn’t have what you’re looking for, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Hardware Hawaii are all less than a 15 minute drive away.

Restaurants in Ewa Beach

In the past, Ewa Beach was not known for having a plethora of dining options, but that’s starting to change. With so many people now living in the area, more restaurants are opening up, and there are a lot of hidden gems that only the locals know about. Here are some of the places I think are worthy of a mention.

Kountry Style Kitchen Restaurant | 91-1001 Kaimalie Street, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | Open for breakfast and lunch, this homey restaurant in the Ewa Pointe Marketplace serves up large portions of local dishes like their adobo fried rice omelet. They also have an extensive selection of pancakes, including the always popular macadamia nut pancake! Go early to avoid crowds.

Rainbow Drive-In | 91-1085 Keaunui Drive, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | This popular local establishment opened its fourth location at the Laulani Village Shopping Center in March 2020. I love the mix plate with BBQ beef, boneless chicken and mahi mahi, that way you get a little bit of everything!

Spoon Korean Kitchen | 91-775 Papipi Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | When you’re in the mood for some authentic Korean food, Spoon Korean Kitchen has you covered. It’s nothing fancy, but when you see locals line up in front of the entrance before the restaurant opens, you know the food is good. You won’t regret trying the seafood pancake, it’s a winner!

The Raft Neighborhood Kitchen | The Ewa Villages Golf Course | Besides having a beautiful view of the golf course, this little-known gem has some of the best local comfort food around. The poke fries and garlic chicken are favorites. The Raft also has a full bar and offers a variety of specialty cocktails to keep you coming back for more.

Schools in Ewa Beach

Ewa Beach offers both public and private schools, so you have some options when looking for somewhere to decide what’s best for your children. The below schools are listed in order from Top Rated to Unrated according to

Ewa Beach Elementary Schools

Holomua Elementary School (Public) | 91-1561 Keaunui Dr, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-6 | 1,181 students

Ewa Beach Elementary School (Public ) | 91-740 Papipi Rd, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-6 | 758 students

Pohakea Elementary School (Public) | 91-750 Fort Weaver Rd, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-6 | 526 students

Iroquois Point Elementary School (Public) | 5553 Cormorant Ave, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-6 | 699 students

Ewa Elementary School (Public) | 91-1280 Renton Rd, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-6 | 1,084 students

Kaimiloa Elementary School (Public) | 91-1028 Kaunolu St, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-6 | 646 students

Keoneula Elementary School (Public) | 91-970 Kaileolea Dr, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-6 | 1,055 students

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (Private) | 91-1010 North Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | K-8 | 168 students

Friendship Christian Schools At Youth Center Campus (Private) | 91-1207 Renton Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-12 | 315 students

Friendship Christian Schools (Private) | 91-1130 Renton Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-12 | 300 students

Ewa Beach Middle Schools

Ewa Makai Middle School (Public) | 91-6291 Kapolei Pkwy, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | 7-8 | 882 students

Ilima Intermediate School (Public) | 91-884 Fort Weaver Rd, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | 7-8 | 870 students

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (Private) | 91-1010 North Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | K-8 | 168 students

Friendship Christian Schools at Youth Center Campus (Private) | 91-1207 Renton Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-12 | 315 students

Hale O Ulu School (Private) | 91-1841 Fort Weaver Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | 7-12 | 32 students

Lanakila Baptist Junior/Senior High School (Private) | 91-1219 Renton Rd, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | 7-12 | 60 students

Friendship Christian Schools (Private) | 91-1130 Renton Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-12 | 300 students

Ewa Beach High Schools

James Campbell High School (Public) | 91-980 North Rd, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | 9-12 | 3,110 students

Friendship Christian Schools at Youth Center Campus (Private) | 91-1207 Renton Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-12 | 315 students

Hale O Ulu School (Private) | 91-1841 Fort Weaver Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | 7-12 | 32 students

Lanakila Baptist Junior/Senior High School (Private) | 91-1219 Renton Rd, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | 7-12 | 60 students

Friendship Christian Schools (Private) | 91-1130 Renton Road, Ewa Beach, HI, 96706 | PK-12 | 300 students

Ewa Beach Bus and Rail Stops

Public transportation to and from Ewa Beach is about to get a huge upgrade. Up until 2020, the only public transportation within the community was the 18 bus stops operated by the Honolulu Bus. However, there will soon be 3 Honolulu Rail stations coming to the Hoopili neighborhood that will provide an alternative means of transportation from Ewa to the airport, and all the way to Ala Moana.

Healthcare Facilities in Ewa Beach

The community of Ewa Beach is lucky to be the location for the Queen's Medical Center West ‘Oahu. It’s nice to know that there is a quality emergency room in your neighborhood should you ever need it. There is also a DLS Laboratory location at the hospital, as well as a physician’s office building.

There are also several dental practices located in the neighborhood, so now you can have clean teeth without having to travel into town. Plus, West ‘Oahu Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine is now open at the Laulani Village Shopping Center, to relieve pain and restore balance to your life.

Hotels in Ewa Beach

It’s inevitable that you will have friends and family want to come and visit you. It is Hawai’i after all! Although Ewa Beach itself doesn’t have any hotels, your guests won’t have to travel far for great accommodations. Kapolei has three great options to choose from, all a short 15-20 minute drive away.

Hampton Inn & Suites Oahu Kapolei | 91-5431 Kapolei Pkwy, Suite 900, Kapolei, HI 96707 | The first Hampton Inn & Suites in Hawai’i, this hotel is attached to Ka Makana Ali’i, mere steps from shops and restaurants. They also offer a free hot breakfast daily and free wifi.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Oahu Kapolei | 725 Manawai Street, Kapolei, HI, 96707 | Embassy Suites is located in the heart of Kapolei and offers shuttles to area beaches, including White Plains Beach. Relax by the outdoor pool, complete with waterfall and whirlpool.

Residence Inn by Marriott Oahu Kapolei | 731 Kunehi Street, Kapolei, HI, 96707 | The newest of the three hotels, Residence Inn, is an all-suite hotel perfect for extended stays. Save money by cooking your meals in your suite’s kitchen, which includes a refrigerator, microwave, and stovetop.

Ewa Beach Real Estate

If you're thinking about renting or buying a home in Ewa Beach, you'll arguably find the widest array of home types and prices. Ewa not only is one of the youngest regions for residential and commercial development on Oahu, it's also one of the most affordable. Expect options from $450,000 - $850,000 for townhomes in Ewa Beach and $800,000 - $2,000,000 for single family homes for sale in Ewa Beach. Ewa Beach Rentals will have an average range of $1,500 - $5,000/mo. For the most immersive experience into buying a house in Ewa Beach and learning the neighborhoods, visit our Ultimate Guide to Ewa Beach Real Estate & Living.

Best Neighborhoods in Ewa Beach

The Ewa Beach region has been burgeoning with residential and commercial development over the last decade and has brought a plethora of exciting new neighborhoods. Developers like D.R. Horton Hawaii, Gentry Homes, and Haseco have brought thousands of homes to the region, making a sizable dent in the Oahu house shortage. Here's our top picks based on lifestyle, amenities, and overall sense of community.

What is Ewa Beach known for?

Ewa Beach is known for its beautiful beaches, parks, and relaxed atmosphere on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It also widely accepted as the fastest growing neighborhood on Oahu. 

Where is Ewa Beach located?

Ewa Beach is located on the southwestern shore of the island of Oahu, in the state of Hawaii, United States.

How far is Ewa Beach from Honolulu?

Ewa Beach is approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers) west of Honolulu.

What is the population of Ewa Beach?

As of the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Ewa Beach was around 15,000 people.

What is the climate like in Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures and high humidity year-round. The region is generally known as one of the sunniest on Oahu.

What are the best beaches in Ewa Beach?

Some of the best beaches in Ewa Beach include White Plains Beach, Oneula Beach Park, and Ewa Beach Park.

Are there any golf courses in Ewa Beach?

Yes, there are several golf courses in and around Ewa Beach, such as the Ewa Beach Golf Club, Hawaii Prince, and the Hoakalei Country Club.

Are there any notable landmarks in Ewa Beach?

Notable landmarks in Ewa Beach include the Ewa Beach Community Park, Ewa Plantation Cemetery, and Puuloa Beach Park.

What is the average cost of living in Ewa Beach?

The cost of living in Ewa Beach is generally higher than the national average, due to factors like housing prices and the overall cost of living in Hawaii.

What is the average home price in Ewa Beach?

As of 2023, the average home price in Ewa Beach was approximately $905,000. However, prices may have changed since then.

Are there any shopping centers in Ewa Beach?

Yes, the Laulani Village Shopping Center is a popular shopping destination in Ewa Beach, offering a variety of shops and restaurants. However, your best shopping options will be found at Waikele Shopping Center & Ka Makana Alii Mall in Kapolei.

What types of restaurants can be found in Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach offers a diverse range of dining options, including Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, and American cuisine. Check out our blog for our favorite restaurants in Ewa Beach

What schools are in the Ewa Beach area?

Ewa Beach is served by the Hawaii Department of Education, with schools such as Ewa Beach Elementary School, Ilima Intermediate School, and James Campbell High School.

What public transportation options are available in Ewa Beach?

The Oahu Transit Services operates bus routes in Ewa Beach, providing public transportation to other parts of the island. The Honolulu Rail Transit will be opening their first phase of rail service between Hoopili and Aloha Stadium in 2023. 

What is the nearest airport to Ewa Beach?

The Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) in Honolulu is the nearest airport to Ewa Beach, approximately 18 miles


Is Ewa Beach a good place for families?

Yes, Ewa Beach is a family-friendly community with plenty of parks, schools, and recreational activities suitable for all ages. This especially true since the neighborhood is seeing so many new Oahu homes being built. 

Are there any hotels or vacation rentals in Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach isn't known for hotels or many vacation rentals so you'll want to look nearby Ko Olina Resort instead. 

How safe is Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach is generally considered a safe community, but like any other place, it is essential to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.

What is the average commute time for residents of Ewa Beach?

The average commute time for Ewa Beach residents is approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and the destination. Ewa is notorious for having some of the worst traffic in Hawaii though so don't be surprised to sit for 1 - 1.5 hours on the worst days.

Are there any hospitals or medical facilities in Ewa Beach?

The nearest hospitals to Ewa Beach are The Queen's Medical Center - West Oahu and the Pali Momi Medical Center, both located in nearby Kapolei.

What types of jobs are available in Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach offers a variety of job opportunities in fields such as education, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Most of Ewa Beach residents commute to Honolulu or the nearby Hawaii military bases for work though.

Is Ewa Beach a good place to retire?

Ewa Beach can be an excellent retirement destination, offering a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful natural surroundings, a range of amenities and services, and just minutes away from Queen's West Hospital

What is the best time to visit Ewa Beach?

The best time to visit Ewa Beach is generally between April and October, when the weather is warm and sunny, with less rainfall.

Are there any cultural attractions in Ewa Beach?

Cultural attractions in and around Ewa Beach include the Hawaii Plantation Village and the Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Are there any nature reserves or wildlife refuges near Ewa Beach?

The Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge is located near Ewa Beach, providing a habitat for native Hawaiian plants and wildlife.

What types of water sports are popular in Ewa Beach?

Popular water sports in Ewa Beach include surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and more surfing at the brand new Ewa Beach wave pool, The Lineup at Wai Kai.

How do residents of Ewa Beach typically spend their weekends?

Ewa Beach residents often enjoy outdoor activities, beach time, local dining, and shopping during weekends.

Are there any movie theaters in Ewa Beach?

There are no movie theaters in Ewa Beach itself, but you will find them in nearby Kapolei 

What is the average rainfall in Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach receives an average of about 20 inches (508 millimeters) of rainfall per year.

Are there any farmers' markets in Ewa Beach?

The Ewa Beach Community Farmers' Market is held weekly, offering fresh produce, locally made products, and food vendors.

Are there any dog-friendly beaches in Ewa Beach?

While there are no designated dog-friendly beaches in Ewa Beach, dogs are allowed at some parks and beaches on Oahu, provided they are on a leash and under control.

Are there any historic sites in Ewa Beach?

The Ewa Plantation Cemetery and the nearby Hawaii Plantation Village are historic sites that reflect the area's sugar plantation history.

What types of wildlife can be spotted in Ewa Beach?

Wildlife species commonly found in Ewa Beach include seabirds, green sea turtles, and Hawaiian monk seals.

Are there any hiking trails near Ewa Beach?

There are several hiking trails located near Ewa Beach, including the Kaena Point Trail and the Maili Pillbox Hike.

Can you swim with dolphins in Ewa Beach?

While dolphin sightings are possible in the waters around Ewa Beach, there are no specific dolphin-swimming tours in the area. Tours are available from nearby locations like Ko Olina.

Are there any fitness centers or gyms in Ewa Beach? 

No, the closest fitness centers are 24 Hour Fitness in Kapolei or UFC Gym in Waikele

Is Ewa Beach prone to natural disasters?

Ewa Beach, like other parts of Hawaii, can be affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, and low land flooding but it is very rare. It is essential to stay informed and prepared.

Can you see the sunset from Ewa Beach?

Yes, Ewa Beach is one of the best places to see sunsets on Oahu with views over the ocean making it a popular spot for evening beach visits.

Are there any churches in Ewa Beach?

There are several churches in Ewa Beach, representing various denominations, including Ewa Beach Assembly of God, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, and Ewa Beach United Methodist Church.

Are there any childcare facilities in Ewa Beach?

Yes, there are several childcare facilities and preschools in Ewa Beach, such as Kamaaina Kids Ewa Beach and Ewa Beach Community Children's Center.

What types of plants and vegetation are common in Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach is home to various native Hawaiian plants, including hibiscus, plumeria, and palm trees, as well as introduced species like bougainvillea and ti plants.

What is the history of Ewa Beach?

The great plains of ‘Ewa, is a district of O‘ahu that encompasses Pu‘uloa (Pearl Harbor) in the east to
Nānākuli to the west and up to Waiawa. ‘Ewa means “stray” or “crooked” in the Hawaiian language. Its
name is referenced in mythology as the gods Kāne and Kanaloa were deciding the boundaries and
dividing the island into districts. This blog section however refers to a smaller area within the ‘Ewa
district called ‘Ewa Beach.

To the east of ‘Ewa Beach’s boarder is Pu‘uloa or Wai Momi, the “Pearl Water.” Hawaiian lore tells of a
shark goddess, Ka‘ahupāhau and her brother Kahi‘ukā that served as benevolent guardians of the
waterways and their surrounding shores, protecting marine life and kānaka (Hawaiian people) from
man-eating sharks. The two sharks and their siblings were referred to as manō kānaka, or sharks with an
affection for man. These kinds of deities were protectors, and not a threat for mankind. However, man
had to care for these kinds of supernatural entities through mutual respect, reverence, and prayers.
Various animals and other natural elements could be familial guardians depending on that family’s
treatment of these sentinels. Noted hula master, Kaha‘i Topolinski, now in his early 80s shared that he
remembers joining his grandmother as a little boy to feed the sharks of Pu‘uloa. From their canoe, she
reached her hand into the water, caressing the currents, gentling calling to the manō. Several sharks
began to circle the boat, very non-threateningly. She’d brought them milk that she poured into each of
their grateful mouths, then they each swam away. These guardians are called ‘aumākua. They are often
believed to be the ancestors of the living, protecting their descendants – a Hawaiian ideal to treat and
care for nature as your family, for they continue to care for you.

As mentioned earlier, another name for Pu‘uloa is Wai Momi, or “Pearl Water.” This is where the
current name of Pearl Harbor gets its origin. Before the naval shipyard polluted the waterways, pearl
oysters littered the bottom of the sea. To aid in cleaning the water once again, the navy is currently
looking at re-introducing endemic oysters, the Sandwich Islands oyster (Dendostrea sandvicensis) and
the Black-lip pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera) specifically. The oysters will not be harvested for
pearls or for eating, rather to help improve the water quality at Pu‘uloa.

“Haunāele ‘Ewa i ka Moa‘e – ‘Ewa is disturbed by the Moa‘e wind.” This Hawaiian proverb speaks of a
disturbance or a violent argument between neighbors, reminding us to quiet our voices lest the
argument escalate. It originates from the gathering of pearl oysters at Pu‘uloa. In ancient times, the
people gathered and harvested in silence for fear their voices would suddenly rustle up the Moa‘e wind.
The famous wind could blow ripples across the water, scaring away the oysters leaving the people with
nothing to eat.

Due to its proximity to the open ocean and adjacent waterways, ‘Ewa Beach was famous for its fishing
sites. In fact, if you ever play a round of golf at the ‘Ewa Beach Golf Club, you’ll see the remains of an
ancient fishing village on various parts of the green that has been preserved for hundreds of years under
kiawe trees until the golf course was built several decades ago. Many kānaka abandoned their ancestral
homes in ‘Ewa and fishponds at Pu‘uloa after the introduction of sugar and pineapple plantations in the
area, seeking work elsewhere; many moving to Honolulu.

A classic hapa haole song, Pearly Shells is familiar to most visitors to Hawai‘i. However, its melody comes
from a lesser-known Hawaiian classic, Pūpū A‘o ‘Ewa. The song speaks of the shells of ‘Ewa, reminiscent
of the oyster shells that were once so numerous. A popular song amongst Elementary School children,
often taught during May Day, it celebrates the sites of ‘Ewa – from the soaring heights of Ka‘ala, the
tallest mountain on O‘ahu to the abundant waters of Pu‘uloa and all her mysteries.

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