Moving to Mililani? The Ultimate Guide to Mililani Lifestyle, Restaurants, & Real Estate in 2020

Mililani, Hawaii

Mililani is a city in Hawaii with a population of roughly 50,000 people and if you're unfamiliar with the island and unsure what island Mililani on, it's Oahu! The city is right at the heart of the island and locals primarily split the region into two main parts; Mililani Town and Mililani Mauka. Mililani Town is the original part of town while Mililani Mauka is a place consists of newer residential and commercial development. Both areas are lovely and bring their own sense of unique flare to the city, with views of a stunning mountainous backdrop. The Mililani Zip Code is 96789.

The Mililani neighborhood is fortunate to one of the few communities that features sidewalks throughout the entire community and well as a number of public parks and sports recreation venues that lends itself to keeping Mililani residents active. Drive through the neighborhood and you'll see many taking advantage of Mililani's idyllic weather while walking the dogs, jogging, or riding bikes with their children. I've even seen roller blades making a comeback!

Where is Mililani, HI?

How Far is Mililani from...

  • Honolulu Airport | 15.2 Miles | 20 minutes via H-2/H-1 Freeway.
  • Haleiwa, North Shore, Hawaii | 14 miles | 24 minutes via HI-99.
  • Honolulu, HI | 19.5 Miles | 27 Minutes with ideal traffic conditions via H-2/H-1.
  • Waikiki, HI | 23.7 Miles | 32 Minutes with ideal traffic conditions via H-2/H-1.
  • Schofield Barracks Army Base Hawaii | 6.5 Miles | 12 Minutes via H-2.

Things to do in Mililani, HI

Mililani is home to a plethora of recreational activities. Tee-up at the gorgeous Mililani Golf Course or take the kids to one the many picture-perfect parks or one of 7 Mililani Recreation Centers and pools. If you're new to the islands, then you should know that space is a luxury. If you're not opposed to a short drive, then check out some of the following activities:

  • Dole Plantation - One of Oahu's most popular tourist attractions that sees nearly 1 million visitors a year. Dole Plantation provides tons family fun here from the Pineapple Express Train Tour, Plantation Garden Tour, and the Pineapple Garden Maze.
  • Haleiwa Town - Take a drive to this iconic North Shore, Oahu beach town and enjoy the food trucks, restaurants, shave ice, and surf shops that line the the boulevard through Haleiwa. Oahu's North Shore is the mecca of the surfing world so be sure to drop in somewhere along the miles long stretch of white sand beaches. .

So what is the weather like in Mililani?

Mililani's elevation lends itself to having a slightly cooler climate than some of the low level plains on Oahu. Plan for an average low temperature of around 66 degrees with an average high temperature of 81 degrees. Average rainfall in the region sits around 14 days per year but these are intermittent showers; most rainy days in Hawaii are also sunny days!

What Kind of Shopping is in Mililani?

Mililani is as close to “typical American suburb” as you'll find in all of Oahu. There's a myriad of shopping opportunities in town and they primarily break down to 3 shopping centers; Mililani Shopping Center, Gateway at Mililani Mauka, and Mililani Town Center. Each feature stores to meet your every day needs from Walmart Mililani, Safeway & Foodland Groceries, Times Supermarket, Ross, and Long's Drug Stores. You'll also find the vast majority of Mililani Restaurants tucked into these 3 hubs, as well as the Mililani Movie Theaters.

Hardware Stores in Mililani

City Mill is going to be your closest option for lumber, garden, and home maintenance needs. If you're ok with a short 10 minute drive, head over the Lowe's in Waikele where you'll find nearly everything your home needs, including appliances.

Best Mililani Restaurants

Aside from the franchise restaurants in Mililani like Chili's and Ruby Tuesday's, we figured we would provide you some options off of the beaten path. From local favorites to Japanese and Italian themed cuisine.

1.) Rise and Shine Cafe - Family run, homestyle cafe offering breakfast and lunch, as well as homemade desserts in Mililani Mauka. | 95-1057 Ainamakua Dr. #F-6 Mililani, Hawaii 96789.

2.) Assagios Mililani - Our top pick for Italian restaurants in Mililani and probably our favorite caesar salad ever! Large plates and romantic setting. | 95-1249 Meheula Pkwy, Mililani, HI 96789

3.) Mililani Restaurant - This is the local favorite and must stop if you're looking for large authentic style Hawaiian plate lunches. The menu is intense so take a peek at it before you go in! | 95-221 Kipapa Drive Mililani, HI 96789

4.) Taqueria El Ranchero | My mexican friends argue that this is the best Mexican restaurant on Oahu! It's not literally in Mililani but it's worth the 5-10 drive to Wahiawa. | 823 California Ave. Suite A5, Wahiawa, Oahu, HI 96786

5.) Taps & Apps Brewpub | American style food, full bar over 30 beers on tap, and live music in Mililani Mauka. 95-1830 Meheula Pkwy Ste C6, Mililani, Oahu, HI 96789

Mililani Gyms

As we mentioned above, Mililani is a very active community offering both outdoor recreation areas and indoor fitness centers. Check a few of the big box gyms below offering fitness memberships, as well as a few Crossfit Gyms near Mililani for the functional fitness enthusiast:

24 Hour Fitness Mililani
UFC Gym Mililani
Mililani YMCA

Mililani Crossfit

These 2 Crossfit boxes are just a short 5-10 minute drive to Waipio:

Crossfit Waipio
Arkaios Crossfit

Schools in Mililani

Mililani is widely thought to have the strongest public school system in the state and this is naturally very appealing to young families with school aged children. Here's a list of all the Mililani Schools:

Mililani Elementary Schools

Mililani Uka Elementary School | Public
Mililani Waena Elementary School | Public
Mililani Ike Elementary School | Pubic
Kipapa Elementary School | Public

Mililani Middle Schools

Mililani Middle School | Public 

Mililani High Schools

Mililani High School | Public

Mililani Real Estate

Mililani has proven to be a solid real estate market for Oahu and this can be attributed to its' Central Location, strong public school system, and great proximity to Hawaii Military Bases. Premier access to Schofield Barracks makes Mililani a hot spot for military families looking to use their Hawaii BAH towards purchasing a home while stationed here. The military presence definitely helps prop up the real estate market here, but Mililani has long been a favorite for locals as well. 

mililani home prices

Every home in Mililani falls under the Mililani Town Association(MTA) by which is $39/mo association fee is due. This fee helps maintain the 7 different Recreation Centers & Pools, as well as the common grounds and parks in the region. Expect wide streets and sidewalls through the Mililani neighborhoods and most houses for sale in Mililani will have been in the 1970's and 1980's; which is actually relatively young compared to the rest of Oahu Real Estate. 

Best Neighborhoods in Mililani

1.) Mililani Mauka - This is the newer side of Mililani and naturally the more expensive. This is the wetter side of the region for sure and you'll see this reflected in the lush landscapes and greenery throughout the neighborhoods. It's a very quiet, family oriented community here 

2.) Mililani Town - Homes for sale in Mililani town reflect the original neighborhood to the west of H-2 freeway. Expect Mililani houses for sale to have been built between 1970-1987 with larger yards than Mauka homes, but older construction materials nonetheless. Mililani homes have much more convenience to stores, restaurants, and every day needs than Mauka homes as well.

3.) Launani Valley - This is a cool, quiet community in the valley just north of Mililani. Homes for sale in Launani Valley will feature more reasonable prices compared to the aforementioned neighborhoods, and they're also the closest to Schofield Barracks. The area does fall outside of the Mililani Public School district which is a big feature for a lot of familes

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If you have any more questions about the neighborhood or need our assistance in coordinating a move to Mililani, don't hesitate to contact us. It would be our pleasure to help you transition to your new Mililani home. 

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