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Schofield Barracks is an army base in Hawaii, one of the 11 total military bases in Hawaii and home to 25th Infantry Division. Established October 1, 1941, the 25th Infantry division was formed from the 27th and 35th Infantry who played a key role in defending Hawaii from 1921-1941. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Oahu Military Bases, the 25th Infantry Division was called to action in the Solomon Islands in November 1942 and given the nickname, "Tropic Lightning," in response to their performance in the Solomon Islands. 


Today, the 25th Infantry Division, “shapes the Pacific environment through engagement with regional partners to strengthen relationships, deter adversaries, and build US and partner capacity. On order, 25th ID rapidly deploys and dominates across the full range of military operations.” 

Schofield Barracks Historical Insights

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  • January 1945: The division helps to liberate the Philippine Islands.
  • July 1950-1953: 25th ID assists in the liberation of South Korea until cease fire is ordered.
  • December 1965 - April 1971: 25th ID engages with communist forces in Vietnam War
  • 1985: The 25th ID reorganizes to light infantry formation
  • 1995: 1st major deployment as light infantry to Haiti as part of Operation Uphold Democracy
  • 1995- Present Day: The Division maintains itself as a crucial component in the world’s peace keeping missions, the Global War on Terrorism, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • June 2005-2006: The division reorganizes once again, becoming more agile and versatile as a Special Troops Battalion is reactivated. The 2nd and 3rd Brigade Combat Teams become Stryker Brigade Combat Team, and Infantry Brigade Combat Team, respectively, and Aviation Brigade became Combat Aviation Brigade. The division would official drop its "light" classification in January 2006.
  •  In 2010, the Special Troops Battalion was deactivated and the Division headquarters was reorganized as Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 25th ID.
  • 2011: Headquarters Division was the last U.S. Army unit to leave Iraq after successfully completing their Taskforce Lightning mission.   

Where is Schofield Barracks?

If you're unfamiliar with the Hawaii, you may be wondering what island is Schofield Barracks on? It's on Oahu! Known as "The Gathering Place," Oahu island is home to nearly 90% of Hawaii's population and offers an intriguing dynamic of idyllic beaches, outdoor recreation, urban and rural living, and a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. 

What City is Schofield Barracks in?

The zip code for Schofield Barracks will be 96782 which will pin you in the sleepy town of Wahiawa in Central Oahu.

How Far is Schofield Barracks from...

Honolulu Airport | 18.6 Miles | 25 minutes
Metro Honolulu | 22.9 Miles | 31 minutes
Waikiki, HI | 25.4 Miles | 36 minutes
North Shore, Oahu | 9.2 Miles | 18 Minutes

How Far is Schofield Barracks from the Beach?

The closest beaches to Schofield Barracks are some of the best! Take an 18 minute drive to Alii Beach in Haleiwa, or venture a little further to the white sand beaches of Waialua and Mokulei, or the mecca of surfing at Sunset Beach or Waimea Bay.

Schofield Barracks Exchange

The Schofield Barracks PX and commissary will be your best bet for every day shopping needs and the Main Exchange hours are from 0900-2100 Monday through Saturday, closing at 2100 on Sundays. Should you wish to venture off base, head over to the Wahiawa Shopping Center, although many will prefer the 10 minute drive Mililani Shopping Center or Mililani Town Center for a wider variety of shopping, retail, and restaurants near Schofield Barracks.

Nearby Schofield Barracks Gyms

There are a number of fitness opportunities nearby to Schofield. Besides the mainstays below, you may also check out some of the Crossfit Boxes at Crossfit Waipio and Arkaios Crossfit.

What is Schofield BAH?

If you're going to PCS to Hawaii, one of the first things you'll want to get a handle on is your Hawaii BAH. Your specific BAH is determined by which county you're in. Check out our Hawaii BAH Chart and reference Honolulu BAH to calculate your basic housing allowance for Hawaii.

Where should I live if I'm stationed at Schofield Barracks?

Researching military housing on Oahu is surely near the top of your list and with that, we've boiled things down a bit to help you cut through the noise of the dynamic Oahu Real Estate and Rental Market. As we mentioned above, Wahiawa is a small, sleepy town, but Oahu isn't a big place -- you've got major residential areas nearby and to determine which is the best fit will require that you ask yourself what type of living you prefer, and where your priorities lie in terms of lifestyle, schools, commute, dining, and entertainment venues.

If you're looking to use your BAH in Hawaii towards off-base housing, check out our neighborhood guides below to learn about the four closest cities to Schofield Barracks, and insights on what type of lifestyle you may expect to lead:


The Mililani neighborhoods tend to be the top pick amongst prospective Oahu military home buyers and renters looking to stay close to base. Naturally, this will be the more expensive neighborhood relative to other options nearby and this is due largely in part to its central location and prominent public school system. Mililani sits just south of Schofield Barracks and is split into three parts; Mililani Town, Mililani Mauka and Launani Valley. 

The neighborhood is known for its' sleepy urban lifestyles, great public schools, and a family friendly atmosphere making it a top pick amongst young families raising children. Multiple parks, pools, recreation centers, and a wide array of grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment, golf courses, and dining really tie the community together and the literal central location lends itself to convenience to all parts of Oahu Island. You're 5-10 minutes from Schofield Barracks, 20-25 minutes to Honolulu Airport, and 20 minutes to Haleiwa and the North Shore which is home to one of Oahu's most iconic tourist destinations and world-class surfing beaches.

Check out our Guide to Living in Mililani to learn more about the lifestyle, Mililani homes For Sale, and Mililani Rentals.


While Mililani provides the best options for community, school system, and commute, Ewa Beach is probably the front runner for every other consideration. I'd argue that Ewa Beach sees more Hawaii VA Loan purchases than any other neighborhood on island and that's because this rapidly growing community offers some of the best bang for your bucks, some of the youngest homes on island, and the best construction quality. It's also the region that tends to offer the type pf home that most of our Military Personnel are used to on the mainland.

Air conditioning, sidewalks, double wall construction, and garages are pretty well standard in the upper 48 states but in Hawaii, they're luxuries. Rest assured, most of Ewa Beach homes come standard with these options. The Ewa Beach Real estate Market is also one of the few that offers new homes on Oahu, through neighborhoods like Hoopili.

To learn more, check out our Ultimate Guide to Living in Ewa Beach.


Wahiawa is the literal home to Schofield barracks and sit between Mililani and Whitmore Village. The Wahiawa neighborhood is surrounded on 3 sides by Lake Wilson with one bridge on the north and south side of the town to traverse over the lake. Lake Wilson serves as the second largest reservoir in Hawaii and purposes itself towards the irrigation of local agriculture fields with the likes of Dole Plantation; the pineapple farm icon and popular tourist attraction.

Wahiawa is roughly 25-30 minutes from Honolulu Airport and 10-15 minutes from the North Shore. Grocery stores and smaller mom & pop dining opportunities are present, although Mililani is only 5 minutes away and contains practically everything you need. The main medical central for the Central Oahu region conveniently Wahiawa General Hospital.

NORTH SHORE | Waialua, Mokuleia, Haleiwa

Like Waikiki, the North Shore represents one of Oahu's most iconic tourist destinations, famed for miles of world class surfing beaches and home to some of the biggest surf events in the world. This is the "Country" as locals would say although with thousands of tourists flocking here every month, things can get pretty busy. Waialua and Haleiwa are going to be the most convenient neighborhoods to Schofield. Waialua is truly one my favorite places on Oahu -- it's laid back, country community that exudes vintage Hawaii charm, while being only minutes from Haleiwa Town. 

Haleiwa is the North Shore hot-spot with a boulevard of sorts, lined with some of the coolest cafes, shrimp trucks, coffee shops, boutique stores, and eateries. Truly a charming place. Venture any further from Haleiwa or Waialua on the North Shore and you're going to subject yourself to a frustrating commute at times. It's one way in and one way out passed Haleiwa and if the surf is up or the turtles are lounging at Laniakea Beach, you're in for traffic.

Schofield Barracks Housing

If you're looking for Schofield Barracks on post housing, Island Palms Communities tends to be the best resource, offering 7,859 homes through 10 different neighborhoods, 3 schools, and 86 playgrounds.

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