Head west for a night of food, friends, and fun in Ewa Beach on Friday October 21st, Hosted by Hanalei Ortiz. Be aware that there’s heavy machinery and hundreds of tools onsite so it's not the most kid friendly environment; picture a post-apocalyptic Home Depot. Plenty of parking and covered picnic tables under a Mad Max pavilion to hang out and eat. Lots of space and parking.

There will be galley carts on site. Returning FA's encouraged to practice pushing the cart in preparation for reassimilating with general population. Paper airplanes will be provided for returning pilots. 

WHERE: 91-2102 Old Fort Weaver Rd | Look for ballons
WHEN: Friday Oct. 21st | 5:30PM to whenever
WHO: Anybody who won't climb on a bulldozer or throw hammers or axes
WHAT: Potluck. Please bring a dish!
WHY: Because it's long overdue

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