kailua condo guide

Kailua has quickly become one of Oahu's premier lifestyle neighborhoods; a top pick amongst locals and foreign buyers alike due to it's stunning scenery, laid back lifestyle, food culture, and quintessential island living. Thanks to the pandemic, prices for homes in Kailua have soared to new heights but with an emerging receission we're starting to see some headwinds. As of this writing on August 29, 2022 the median Kailua home price was $1.6M; one of the highest median home price values in all of Oahu and one that severely limits many propsective buyers' access to the neighborhood. 

When it comes to purchasing Oahu real estate I typically advise my clients to weight lifestyle over the bricks and sticks of the home because much of what makes Living in Hawaii so unique is that not only is each island different, each side of each island is completely different as well.  So while single family homes for sale in Kailua might be out of reach, that doesn't mean the lifestyle is and the lifestyle is truly where majority of the value lays. 

kailua real estate market trends

8/29/22: The Median price for a condo in Kailua is currently $721,500 which almost a third of single family homes prices; quite the delta. While the Kailua condo market is limited, the options are interesting. About 90% of condos in Kailua are in the 2 square blocks right in the middle of Kailua Town which is mere walking distance to Whole Foods, Target, and the lion's share of every restaurant, gym, and shop in Kailua. Check out the Kailua Market Trends for our insights and a real time look at the latest Stats, Trending, Active and Sold Condo Sales Activity over the last 6 months. 

Kailua Condo FAQ's:

How big are condos in Kailua?

Plan for 1-3 bedroom layouts, no studio units. Most 1-2 bedrooms will land in the 600-800sq range with 3+ bedrooms in the 900-1500sq range.  Read More...