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Looking Back

I'm a chameleon of sorts; born and raised in Jefferson City, Missouri but with local roots. I moved to Hawaii in 2007 right after graduating high school and I'm often asked "what made you get into real estate?" While there was definitely element of choice, I typically point to my upbringing as the innate source of my love for all things "home." Take for instance that I've lived in 26 different addresses since I was born, 11 since I moved to Hawaii, all of which have given me a unique affinity for real estate.

My mom is from Oahu and though life brought her to Missouri, she always longed to come back to Oahu. The same sentiment would ultimately find its way into my veins and as soon as I was given the choice, I left everyone I knew and loved and moved to Hawaii at 19. Getting here is one mountain to climb, staying here is another. I recognized early on that unlike buying a home in Missouri, homeownership on Oahu would take a great deal of planning and intention. Gone were the days of waking up and falling into a $60,000 Missouri home by accident.

So looking back, I attribute the moment I began seeking real estate knowledge as the genesis of my real estate career. It's the anecdotal experience I'm most grateful to be able to share; being able to walk prospective buyers through my own real estate journey that started with humble beginnings, and my extremely patient Realtor turned mentor. 

Looking Forward

Anyone who knows me knows that I eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff. My passion for real estate has long been rooted in my wish to bridge the educational gap that often separates Hawaii residents from homeownership or investing in real estate. I'm a staunch advocate of having early conversations with a local Real Estate Experts and Investors, the same way I was able to, and working hand-in-hand with them to establish a practical roadmap to accomplishing their real estate goals. 

I pride myself in having constant anticipation of my client's needs and would attribute this to my early success and year over year growth in the business.  As an active real estate investor, I like to think my skin in the game promotes a vested interest in keeping a firm "pulse" on the Oahu Real Estate market which ultimately translates to an ability to provide the most accurate and real-time guidance to my prospective buyers and sellers. I value lasting the lasting relationships and friendships that I've built with clients over the years and can't say enough how grateful I am to have a sense of purpose; and to pop out of bed every morning excited to do what I do. 

While it's a work in progress, I definitely aim to live a balanced life. I'm married with an 11yr old daughter. I enjoy blogging, building websites, listening to podcasts, traveling, snowboarding, and advocating for the continual pursuit of personal and financial growth among my family, friends, clients, and peers.

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