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The guide below is aimed at helping you cut through the noise and narrow in on what new Oahu home options exist, where to find them, and if they fit your budget and timeline. For the most immersive experience into the Oahu New Construction market, watch our videos below explaining every pocket of brand new Hawaii homes on Oahu from the sunny plains of Ewa Beach to the ever changing Kakaako skyline with plans to bring as many as 10 New Honolulu condos to market over the next few years. Learn about the neighborhoods, the lifestyles, and the various home options from Oahu's premier New Construction Experts, Koa Cassady & Maila Gibson-Bandmann.

What's Buzzing | Developer News, Project Launches

  • 5/16/24: Malu Koa West by Castle & Cooke gearing up for summer sales of Studio, 1-3BR Condos in Waipio Gentry.
  • 5/14/24: Avalon Group seeks public comments for Aria Lane Manoa; newly proposed Manoa Valley homes and condos .
  • 3/13/24: Nanea II at Koa Ridge returns with the communities most popular single family home phase.

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new condos in kakaako hawaii

Kakaako Overview

Welcome to the new Honolulu! Once an industrial warehouse district, Kakaako has risen to prominence as Honolulu's new urban epicenter. New Kakaako condos have created a new Honolulu skyline; garnering both national and global acclaim. The neighborhood is situated between the Ala Moana and Downtown Honolulu neighborhoods, making it arguably the most convenient neighborhood to everything Honolulu has to offer.

Kakaako is one of two major metropolitan neighborhoods currently offering Honolulu apartments for sale and is arguably the most buzzworthy neighborhood on Oahu island at the moment. Enjoy famed Ala Moana Shopping Center and Beach Park, expansive amenity decks, a plethora of dining and shopping, and multiple threaded by green gathering spaces threading the community. The most recently announced project will be Kalae Ward Village with an estimated sales launch of summer 2022.

Types of Homes:

Kakaako consists primarily of condominium style living made up of the following:

  • Lofts, studios, townhome villas, 1-4 bedroom units, Penthouses
  • Prices from $500,000 to the $25M+ Ultra Luxury Kakaako condos for sale.
  • Zip Code is 96814

new honolulu condos in ala moana

Ala Moana Overview

The Ala Moana neighborhood may have found inspiration in Kakaako's transformation over the last 10 years and now finds itself in the midst of its own transformation. With as many as 8 known Ala Moana condo projects having either been built or in the approval process, we are quickly seeing a "bridging" of the Waikiki and Kakaako skylines as Midtown Ala Moana condos start to emerge. Premier location to Ala Moana Shopping Center, Ala Moana Beach Park, and a slew of new retail shopping and dining will surely dub Midtown as one of Honolulu's urban lifestyle hot spots.

The majority of these new honolulu condos will be found in the Kapiolani Corridor which will see a substantial amount of redevelopment over the next decade. This region is already one of the most dense metropolitan areas in Honolulu and once 8 more towers pop up, we can only imagine how difficult it will be to commute or park on Keeaumoku and Kapiolani area streets.

Types of Homes:

Midtown Ala Moana will be comprised of high-rise condominiums made of the following:

  • Affordable & Market Priced studios & 1-3 bedroom apartments
  • Condo Hotel units offering condo ownership with legal vacation rental features through hotel operation.

Recent changes to Hawaii vacation rental laws have pigeonholed would be Hawaii AirBnB patrons to resort-zone neighborhoods like Waikiki and Turtle Bay on the North Shore so for those looking for condo ownership with the option to legally vacation rent your unit whwen you're away, the Ala Moana neighborhood is going to be one of the only games in town.


  • 1-3 bedroom units between $650,000 - $1,500,000
  • Penthouses up to $25M+

Ala Moana Zip Code: 96814


These new developments are located outside of the Oahu's "Hot-Zones" for new constuction, like Ala Moana and Kaka'ako. 

homes for sale in hoopili

New Homes in Ewa & Kapolei, HI

Developer's DR Horton Hawaii and Castle & Cooke continue their massive expansion into these West Oahu twin cities via the Ho'opili and Ka'ulu developments.

These suburban communities offer much more space at easier price points than their Honolulu counterparts, not to mention much more diverse styles of living. 

We'll see nearly 12,000 homes offered from Ho'opili in Ewa Beach and 390 new Kapolei homes at Ka'ulu.  

Types of Homes:

  • Market price and Affordable Housing units
  • Studio, 1-4 bedroom Market Priced Condos & Townhomes
  • FLEX Homes that allow for ground level store fronts
  • Single Family Homes w/ Accessory Dweling Unit(ADU) Options

Hoopili & Kapolei Zip Codes: 96706, 96707

koa ridgeNew Homes For Sale in Koa Ridge, HI

Oahu residents have been teased by the rumors of Koa Ridge homes for sale for over a decade and now it seems that this elusive community may finally come to fruition. Located just south of the family friendly Mililani region, Koa Ridge Oahu is poised to bring 3,500 homes to the Central Oahu region. 

We'll see a variety of parks, pools, and recreation centers as well as variety of retail and dining opportunities within the heart of the community, coined "The Village." Convenience to Schofield Barracks will surely make this a top picks for Oahu' military home buyers looking to use their Hawaii BAH and VA Loans.

Types of Homes: Affordable & Market Priced Townhomes, Koa Ridge Condos, Duplexes, Single & Multi-family homes, & Senior Housing

Prices: Affordable Housing (income restrictions) prices from low $400,000s. Market Priced Townhomes from $500,000's and Single Family Homes starting around $1,000,000.

Koa Ridge Zip Code: 96797

New Developments List

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Hawaii New Homes FAQ's

Doesn't Zillow, Realtor.com, & similar platforms show me new construction homes on Oahu?

Nope. These platforms can only aggregate information on homes that have already been built and entered into the MLS. In a way, the platforms "can't see" these homes becomes they don't yet exist. What you may find is the name of certain Master Development Plans like Hoopili or Koa Ridge for instance, because they have been building homes for the past couple years but they are not equipped to tell you how to schedule a model home tour, when the next lottery releases will be, nor will the agents on the other side of your Zillow inquiry know the ins and outs of EACH development and how to navigate the purchase process.

As for the new condo buildings in Kakaako and Ala Moana; dialogue surrounding these buildings starts many months before they're actually released to the public. This includes exclusive, limited releases of artist renderings, private tours of sales galleries, and rumored sales launch dates. It's important that you're aware of this information as soon as possible so that you're prepared for the presales launch date because when they launch, you may miss your chance at a unit by a sheer number of days. 

Where are new construction homes being built on Oahu?

Look to the following regions: Ewa Beach, Waipio Gentry, Kakaako, & Ala Moana. New Homes in Ewa Beach, HI and Waipio Gentry will feature suburban living; roughly 30 minutes outside of the Metro Honolulu area and will feature much more entry level price points. Expect townhome and single family home options. Developers Gentry Hawaii, DR Horton Hawaii, and Castle & Cooke are responsible for much of the new homes in Hawaii, on all islands.

Those looking for new condos in Honolulu should look primarily to Kakaako & Ala Moana which are new and emerging neighborhoods that are transforming Honolulu into thriving urban epicenters, teeming with new highrise condominiums from entry level pricing all the way the up to ultra luxury penthouses. You will not find new single family homes in these regions, only condos. Developer' Howard Hughes Corp is spearheading the revitilazation via the Ward Village master plan in Kakaako which currently features 10 new condos in Kakaako that have either just completed, are under construction, or have recently been announced. Smaller, local developers like Kobayashi GroupStanford Carr Development, Avalon, & Sam Koo have also had a hand in one-off condo projects in Ala Moana or "Our Kakaako," the trendy master plan on the west side of Kakaako that's spearheaded by Kamemeha Schools.

Are the homes already built?

It depends. Likely not. If you have more immediate needs for a new home in Oahu then you'll want to avoid the condos in Kakaako & Ala Moana. These projects are typically announced and presold 2-3 years prior the construction completion so these take some patience. For the suburban projects like Hoopili in Ewa Beach, NorthPark by Gentry, and Koa Ridge in Waipio, homes are generally built in 3-5 months depending which project you purchase at. 

What is a Lottery?

A Lottery release is way for developers to release new Oahu homes for sale by essentially picking names out of digitial hat. Like Powerball in a way. Your realtor will help you submit your application to the lottery before the deadline and you wait to have your name pulled and your lottery number (your place in line) assigned to you. The developer will then go down the list offering homes to prospective buyers in choronological order until every home is spoken for. Most every Oahu new development is offered via waitlist due to sheer amount of demand for these homes. 

Do I have to be a Hawaii Resident to purchase?

No, not usually. There are certain types of programs that will require you to be a Hawaii Resident. We will let you know if/when that obstacle exists as our conversations progress.

Are new development prices negotiable?

New development pricing is fixed and cannot be negotiated. In a way, this is a good thing because for the last 2 years every home price in the resale market was merely a starting price. Multiple offer scenarios on every home would ultimately see the sales prices clock in at much higher numbers.

Can you customize finishes, fixtures, or change features of the floorplan?

Very rarely, and none that I can think of for any Oahu new developments currently selling. Sometimes developers will offer Interior Packages with set finishes and color schemes that you get to choose from, but with little to no customization. Some new condos in Kakaako will allow for certain floor plans to be combined to create larger units as well. We definitely recommend asking the question as each project is unique, and while most don't allow customizations today, it's not to say that another one won't in the future. 

Do we have to work with a realtor to purchase a new construction home in Hawaii?

You don't. Just know that working directly with the developer's Sales Team is you working with someone who has a very narrowly defined role; SELL the project and ONLY the project. There's naturally a built-in bias and with that and you will very likely not receive a broad perspective on why the project might not, be the best fit for you, nor are you going to be made very aware of comparable options to consider. Working with a buyer's agent and not directly with the Developer's sales team is highly advised so that you have representation and so that you're able to make the most well informed decisions. 

Are there financial incentives given for working directly with the Developer's sales team?

Nope. There is financial incentive for the developer if you do though.